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What Should I Do Next?

May 9, 2015
Posted at 1:46 pm

Stupid Boy and I need a break from each other. Book 3 - Sophomore Year will be released on June 6. The editors are working on the last few chapters and we should be ready for you on time.

The plan is to let the timeline catch up. I don't plan on starting Junior Year until at least the first of the year. So that leaves me seven months of writing time...

I just posted Little Tony. The purpose of that story was to see if I could write a short story. Wow, it was much harder than writing an epic length novel. The whole story was about the same length as a chapter of Stupid Boy.

So, I am asking the readers what they want next... and I will give you three choices (of course write ins are welcome - except Stupid Boy).

1) Turn Little Tony into a serial of shorter stories.

2) Getting it Right. A do over story, but not focused on getting rich or famous, but a better life. There will of course be some science fiction aspects to it and I am thinking of tackling basketball.

3) The Third Son - Swords and Magic adventure where the third son (who can't inherit) has to forge a life of his own... while everyone tries to kill him.

Let me know which idea you like best.

Finally, the reviews are starting to come in from the people who bought the pre-view version of Stupid Boy - Sophomore Year and they seem to really like it. I actually found myself laughing out loud as I was editing a section about a squirrel causing havoc.

Thanks for your responses in advance.

G Younger