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Thank you

May 7, 2015
Posted at 3:44 pm

I would like to thank all those lovely people who sent me feedback on Lucky Man. Most of you seemed to like it.

On the whole it seems that you were not enamored with the style. Writing a complete story in the present tense is, for me, much harder than using the past tense. It seems that many of you didn't like it. Don't worry I won't be making a habit of writing present tense stories.

Finally there is the issue of using single quotes. I recently took a creative writing course and found out that in the UK, the standard for publication is single quotes for normal dialogue and double quotes for secondary quotes. Since I intend to publish some of my work I thought it a good habit to get into.

Once again thank you, I was surprised at the score and even more surprised to find that the votes histogram analysis gives it a score that is almost a full point higher.