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Interesting Things About Scores

May 4, 2015
Posted at 1:50 pm

It's so funny!

I didn't expect huge amounts of readership. I'm not a known author and this story has a BDSM theme. It also took a long time for there to be enough votes to register. Interesting results, especially looking at the raw numbers:

SOL Score: 6.33
Votes: 16, broken down as follows:

Throw out one high and one low score, the mean's 8.

I'm guessing the 1 is from someone who hates the idea of BDSM,and believes a 1 is an appropriate score regardless of technical merit, pace, potential value, etc.

I'm not conversant with the SOL scoring system (will have to get better at that), but with a score of 6.33 when only two votes out of 16 (one of them a 6) are below that, it's pretty clear even a single vote of 1 can really skew the results.

Power to the haters, I surmise. Sad.