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I just don't understand...

May 4, 2015
Posted at 12:34 am
Updated: June 7, 2016 - 1:31 am

I know I don't post a lot of stories here anymore. I know I don't update my blog very often. That's mostly because I don't have anything to say and those things I want to say, just get me in trouble so I remain quiet.

I read all the author blogs posted here. I read them everyday. I don't know why. Tradition, I guess. Been doing it for a while. Started way, way back. Anyway, what don't I understand? I don't understand why authors are telling what happens in the newest chapters of their stories in their blogs.

"Tonight, Carol saves Nancy from Paul's evil clutches. Meanwhile Tony and Harry finally come to blows but who are they fighting over, Mary or Louise? Also, see how little Timmy reacts to what he saw last chapter."

If people are reading your story, they don't NEED to read what's going to happen in your blog. They come to read your story, not your blog. If they're NOT reading your story, they still don't want to read about it in your blog. If someone is not yet reading your story, but plans to, well... spoilers!!!!

Why tell what happens in your new chapter in your blog? What possible benefit is there to it?

Just curious. I just don't understand.