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Last Chapter of 'An Awkward Situation'

April 30, 2015
Posted at 1:48 pm

Dear readers, I've just posted the final chapter to 'An Awkward Situation' and I'd like to take a moment and thank all of you who have followed this story and supported me through the process of posting it. I appreciated all the comments that I received both good and bad.

I originally wrote this story about a decade ago but never published it. When I wrote it, I wrote it as an experiment, wanting to write something that was different from the traditional fair that SOL and other sites post. I didn't want to write a story about a kid who gets mind control powers and then turns everyone into his harem. Instead I wanted to write about a kid taken by surprise by the events of the moment and having to scramble about trying to figure out what was going on and how he could fix it. I mean the thought of have mind control powers is great, but just image what your reaction would have been at age sixteen or seventeen if you woke up to a relative having sex with you. I'd put money that a lot of you would have said 'whoa' if not something a little more expletive. Well that was what I wrote and while some people didn't get it and others scratched their heads and asked what the hell I was on about, others said that while strange they were going to stick with it and see where I was going. Again to them I say thanks for hanging in there and seeing my tale through to the end.

I want to talk about scores and states now. I received an email when I was three-quarters the way through posting the story by a reader who wanted to know why the score was so low. He loved the story and it baffled him. Part was my fault in that the story was written the way it was, taking things from a point of confusion on the protagonist's part and pushing it along until things made sense. Short chapters also affected the score. People wanted more and they weren't getting it. The final thing that brought down the score was the trolls. My first two chapters had descriptive scenes of incest and I got bombards with half a dozen ones and my initial score of 7.07 plummeted to 6.36 in a matter of hours. Since then the score has been continually climbing. For the longest time I had a nice stack of sevens and then around chapter sixteen my eights shot through the roof. Over all almost 95% of voters scored me from seven and up.

So that is it. Again thank you to the readers who stuck with the story. I'm glad that you liked it.