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Just a comment on a story that was well written but . . .

April 27, 2015
Posted at 6:46 pm

I have to say that I really like DFWBeast's stories and I love the Brownwood collection with a few exceptions and "I Dreamed" is one that I sort of liked but hated the ending.
In my harsh world Bozo would have returned when it was all over she would have been told:

"You went to where I told you not to go and you did it without my engagement ring on. You fucked three guys and I hear that it was drugs but it looked like you were having a great time being made air tight. I saw every scream and moan. I watched you pack up and refuse to talk to me and stay with your little rich bitch of a lover. At home you refuse to talk to me. Then you tell me you got knocked up and murdered the baby. So in addition to cheating we have to add stupidity and murder. You now claim how bad you had to live being the little rich boy's slut and then you decided just for shits and giggles to fuck all three of them again and get knocked up again. And I am supposed to feel sorry because your little rich bitch kicked your ass and you lost the bastard. No problem, you murdered one already so that should not be a problem for you! Anyway it was not related to me so I don't give a rat's ass.
Then your little trip down memory lane put my daughter, mother and sister and her unborn child at risk, not to mention getting me air-conditioned by your fuck buddy and almost making my daughter an orphan. Then you talk my mother, who will no longer be my mother if she keeps this shit up, to let you into my life on the guise that I need you to be there to get home to my daughter.
So I fuck you and you get so upset. Hell I played your little porno for you and you are upset at me? Fuck me, you did the same thing a second time and there was no talk of drugs, you did it because you wanted to. So when I treat you like you loved them treating you, well your poor feelings were just so hurt.
Now, now, you want a Mulligan [do over] with me?
Never going to fucking happen! Everything that happened to you, YOU did it to yourself and frankly I want more children not some old porno slut that can't breed anymore.
So hit the road. I don't want you to have any worse luck or problems, and I understand that it really sucks being you, but you are the master of your fate and I am the master of mine.
I may find another love, maybe not. But the way I look at it, if love means something like you, I can do without.
Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."