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I have plans.

April 26, 2015
Posted at 9:36 am

I am deeply committed to my Lady in Red story and plan to write many more chapters. My wife and I recently sold two residences and moved to be near our daughter and her family. We are starting a new real estate business from scratch. We have years of experience in the field and expect to do just fine. We have been painting and changing light fixtures in our future office, as well as all of the paper work that goes with moving, starting a business, and getting licenses in order. Boring, yes, but it all has to be done.

We have found that many contractors ask exorbitant amounts for what they do, so we are painting and changing fixtures ourselves. It's what we've done since we first got married and had no money to pay to have these things done. Old habits die hard and we enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

I always sat down and wrote for a few hours at a time. I find that I now need to adjust and write when I can and for shorter intervals. I am just too busy with grandkids and work to spend long periods of time writing. I am working on changing my mindset so that I can still manage to put my thoughts on paper, or in this case, the monitor, in shorter spurts.

One of my goals in this story was to have some attractive young people that have some moral compass. I am not against fun, but I do like my heroes to have some basic values that make what I consider a good person. I also want the characters to be sexy and quite liberal in their attitudes about a lot of things, like nudity, but conservative in things like fidelity. That may seem almost contradictory, but it does happen in my story. I like Gwen and Steve and want the reader to like them as well. Some readers want Steve to bang Paula, Diane, Kate, Jordan, and ..... the list goes on. I would love to see Steve nail Paula, but neither character is written that way. It won't happen, as interesting as it may seem. When a man respects someone and is a friend, he does not betray them. Pretty simple idea, really. Steve is big on respect and loyalty, which is needed in a hero, at least to me.

Gwen and Steve will be making Super Bowl commercials and hosting the Academy Awards. Gwen will have some tough votes in Congress and experience pressure from lobbyists and politicians. I have yet to introduce pirates to the story, but I will. Book two will end with a rather impressive wedding, but there are numerous chapters to post before that happens.

I thank all of you that have written to me and expressed both the desire to read more and the hope that I am doing okay. I'm in good shape, for the shape I'm in, so don't worry about me. I promise to work a lot harder on my story. I think about it almost every waking moment, if I'm not doing something that requires my full attention. Thanks to all of you that take the time to read my unlikely, perhaps impossible tale. I like to believe there could be people like this in the world.