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First Story Posted

April 22, 2015
Posted at 6:24 pm

I have been a reader here for a couple years now and after reading many great authors(aroslav, Barneyr, Bluedragon and a few others) I finally broke a decade long drought of writing. I started by splurge of manic or mania fueled writing last August. As with most products of mania 80% is garbage,15 % is okay, 4 % is great and 1% is truly AMAZING. My first offering is fun bit of fiction set in a place I am very familiar with and have taken my wife to a few times. I have been wanting to or trying to get something posted here since October. Mostly due to illness related or plain procrastination I have not had something posted before today. Thanks to Barney R for editing my first story I have my first story here. I am hoping to get a story out once a month due mostly from moods, editing and re-writes. I hope you enjoy my first story.