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Still Working....

April 18, 2015
Posted at 6:20 pm

Thanks for all the notes of inquiry. I am working on chapter 40, trying to wrap the story up. It may spill into Chapter 41 (I typically try to keep the chapters around 10,000 words), but it is nearing a conclusion.

For anyone else out there thinking of a "do-over" story, as your character creates changes in the world, it gets harder to write. While geological events will still happen, how do you assess geopolitical changes given your character's impact on the world? It creates a lot of dead-ends in the storyline that end up being trimmed out in re-writes and edits. Honestly, it was much easier writing about Paul before he began to impact the broader world.

Anyway, once the final chapter is wrapped up, I will send the whole lot (chapters 28 - 4x) to my editors and will begin posting once they are done finding my worst errors.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading.

-Charlie Foxtrot