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April 8, 2015
Posted at 12:46 am

Thank you for reading the story.

In a odd "truth is stranger then fiction" I actually had to tone down the story told to me by a former supervisor that FINALLY was based on.

The Supervisor was screwed over by the court for well over a decade, and told me he was dragged into court so often he might as well as had his mail delivered there..

The Judge was not corrupt, just a semi-senile old dude, who had so much seniority at the courthouse, the county legal community just let him be

. Family court is a "loser" , so no other judges were anxious to see the old goat removed until he started falling asleep on the bench and snoring.

The EX was banging her attorney, but no law against two adults having sex as long as it is no quid pro co. The attorney was brought up on other charges related to another matter of sex with a defendants wife years later.

The "Doc" that supported the "son" ADD was a quack she found "Doctor shopping".

The supervisor spent a large chunk of money on getting the upper courts to rule that a DNA test should be allowed (it is now state case law). It was a moot point as the Judge was pissed and ruled my supervisor had to pay child support anyway. The Supervisor had no funds left to appeal that decision, or the one that allowed his ex-wife to dodge the education portion of the judgment by continually changing degree majors.

He actually did 90 days in jail for stopping maintenance, child support etc. The charge is "Contempt of Court" in a civil matter so the state is not required to provide an attorney, or an end date for your jail term. Basically a modern day Debtors prison sentence.

The day his "son" turned 21, the supervisor actually led a parade with moving van, tow truck, even fireworks and Champaign at midnight to reclaim his house Local cops made him wait until 7AM.

Was the tale he told me 100% true? I do not know , but it sure was an interesting evening spent with him after so many years.

Thanks again for reading