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The Mysteries of SOL Feedback

March 28, 2015
Posted at 1:34 pm

I made a discovery today about SOL feedback and GMail. I don't know if it is just my account or if it effects others but it appears that e-mails through SOL feedback have been ending up in my trash. I only realized this because I had commented on a couple stories that I'd been reading and the authors of the stories vetted their emails and SOL informed me that I'd get a verification message that would require me to confirm my e-mail. They also noted that AOL or other service providers had a habit of dumping the email in SPAM. When I couldn't find the verification message I went looking and I eventually found it and about thirty other emails from SOL Feedback in my trash can.

This actually is a minor problem as I'd requested help with another story and several persons had come back and offered it. Unfortunately having not received their offers I passed it on to an editor who I was in direct communications with. To those who did offer help my appreciation and apologies. I guess in future I'll be keeping an eye on my trash.