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Dark Clouds? Yeah, but a platinum lining too.

March 28, 2015
Posted at 9:35 am

Well to add insult to injury, I am scheduled for two additional surgeries prior to the eye surgery. The surgeries are hand and arm related. So typing is much slower and writing is back burnered again. Sigh...

Fun times.

But through it all there is a silver lining. Actually platinum IMHO. I may not be able to type fast at the moment, relegated to 1/100th impulse power instead of Warp 1 and 'Edsel' has ground to an almost halt. So where is this platinum lining I spoke of? Read on.

I had the honor to collaborate with Coaster2 on a wonderful new story. At my best I'm Warp 1, Coaster2 is Warp 100!!!!!

Look for it soon!!!!