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Making final edits to next Code Monkey chapter

March 22, 2015
Posted at 6:13 pm

I've received the next chapter edits from my team of wonderful proofreaders, and I am working on incorporating those fixes into my working file. I'm two-thirds done, so the next chapter of Code Monkey should be posted to SOL some time later this evening. Once again the size of this chapter will be about half of my usual 60 page minimum in MS Word.

A week ago I spent from Friday afternoon until Tuesday in the hospital due to a clogged suprapubic catheter and a very bad unrinary tract infection. I didn't get any new writing done; however, I got 15 pages of notes on ideas to flesh out my existing story outlines as well as some insights into long-term pain.

I want to thank everyone for all you good wishes as well as say thank you to the kind readers who have donated to the PayPal account.

Enjoy good reads wherever you find them.