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Opening Earth complete; in the future.....

March 10, 2015
Posted at 1:18 pm

I posted the final chapter of Opening Earth this morning. I hope you enjoyed Opening Earth and will be with me when I post its sequel, Opening Earth II.

Opening Earth covered the period of Doug becoming a D-Hopper, finding Earth, and presenting the UN with his credentials as the Multiverse's Ambassador to Earth. It also addressed his inheriting the Archer Conglomerate.

Opening Earth II will begin where Opening Earth left off. I am not sure of the period of Doug's life that will be covered by Opening Earth II; however, I can see the potential for an Opening Earth III in the future. The agreement to be negotiated with the President of the United States for his Embassy in Colorado will contain several unusual terms that will lead to some interesting situations and conflicts. His life on Vora, Slave World, and the other Multiverse planets will also present him with situations that will require his involvement in both personal and professional situations.

Next Tuesday, March 17, I will begin posting Chocolateen II. Chocolateen II is a crossover story that melds the main characters of Chocolateen Part I and Ancient Abilities Part I. If you have not read these two stories, I suggest you do so or you may have a few difficulties with understanding Chocolateen II.

Chocolateen II begins around 12 years after Chocolateen, Part 1 ended, and an unspecified time after Ancient Abilities, Part 1 ended. As you will shortly learn, James Conrad enlists the aid of Frank Tolliver and James Schneider in completing the mission he was given by the Guidance Council. Ancient Abilities II, which is currently being written, will backfill the period from the end of Ancient Abilities Part 1 until at least James Conrad, Frank Tolliver, and James Schneider forming their partnership. I may extend the period covered to beyond the period covered by Chocolateen II, but have not reached a decision on that at this point.