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A.I. - Chapters 33-34

February 27, 2015
Posted at 12:26 am

These two chapters finish Jack's talk with Richard, and reach its point.
Once again I jumped the gun with my comment Wednesday about how the word "nuclear" is properly pronounced; it doesn't come up in the story until chapter 34 (today). Sometimes I lose track of just what's in what chapter.
For my Republican readers, please don't take my cracks about the younger Bush too seriously. I admit to leaning Democrat myself, but I'll be blunt: Had I written this after Obama's accession to the Presidency, I'd still have no hesitation about referring to "that dipshit in the White House," and I suspect I'll continue to feel the same after we have another changing of the guard in 2016. I have no political agenda to push with my fiction, and mostly I steer clear of politics altogether. Along with religion, it's not, to me, a topic for either dinner party conversation or creative writing. I know there are lots and lots of people who take both terribly seriously. I'm not one such. If that's a failing, there are quite enough folks out there to make up for my lack in those areas.
Thanks to all those who've voted. The score continues to move steadily up, as has been my experience with the other novels I've posted on SOL. So far nothing has quite matched my experience with Eden, which started off with a cumulative score of 5.97 after the first couple of chapters and hit 8+ by the time I was done. But it's happened every time, to a lesser degree, and as it is with A.I. Evidently I'm something of an acquired taste.