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High on a Mountain et al

February 25, 2015
Posted at 2:39 am

I will be posting more on "High .... and book two of Ginny soon. Both have been started. High on a mountain was going to be a short story until I re-read some works of Dual Writer, Jay Cantrell and Argon and remembered a few things about that 'simple' life in the country.

Remember I think I told you that Mountain is real. In-fact that food place is too. It's been close to 50 years since I was there but I still can almost taste that food.

These are stories though, so many names and places have been changed. Some of the story, both in-fact, tell the good things and not all the bad. I think that is part of life though, who wants to remember the bad things.

In Ginny, there could and probably should be some unpleasant things which I gloss over, perhaps too much. Please forgive that. I knew too many good German folks, and you have to remember, history is written by the winners and they don't always tell you things as they really were. Not to excuse the atrocities that go on in war, but....