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It is Finished!

February 25, 2015
Posted at 1:02 am

Well I finished my longest story ever, "The Dirty Doctors" twenty-one chapters with ten to eleven pages per Chapter. This story was a love hate story for me. I loved the fact that I had idea after idea and then I hated it because I kept getting idea after idea. I tried to put an end to the story around Chapter sixteen, but I couldn't. If I had stopped there it would have eaten at me for not going further. My poor editor told me that he is not into the male on male stuff, and these last few chapters really get into that. So I appreciate him so much for editing these last four Chapters. I have heard from so many men who have experienced male on male sex. I have been told by a few that a man can climax without anything or anyone touching their dick while they are being screwed in ass. And I do not find that hard to believe because my very first climax happened when my brother and I experimented for a week with him fucking me in my butt. On the third night I had a strong climax and it came from him fucking me in my butt. It was over a week before we realized that we were doing the wrong hole. So I figure if I as a woman can climax and climax hard by being butt fucked. Then why can't a man? After all they (men) have the prostrate and I can only imagine that the friction of a hard cock sliding over a prostrate would cause extreme pleasure.
Now I did have another man tell me that I should not write about things I don't know about. You know what, I AGREE WITH HIM! It is way to difficult for me to write about things I "think" can and do happen. Now when I wrote about being in a Video Arcade backed up against one glory hole and sucking cock coming through the opposite glory hole, I knew exactly what I was talking about. When I fly into Atlanta there is a wonderful little place that I love to visit and I described it exactly as I remembered it. Very narrow long booths. I went in there around eleven am and went into a video booth and came out around two-thirty to three pm with a sore lower back, my thighs hurting, my jaw hurting and my pussy and asshole full of sperm. Getting into my car feeling drained and extremely satisfied anxious to return the next day and do it all over again.
Now I have watched through many glory holes while two men were in one booth doing each other. I have even sucked off a man while another man was behind him fucking him at the same time. So that part I do know what I was talking about.
Oh well, no more gay stuff in any of my new stories.
I love hearing from the men AND women who write me now and tell me where I turned them on in my nasty stories. Knowing that helps me write more things like that to turn more people on. Well all the boys went home to their wives, I am sitting on a towel because I am so full of sperm. I simply love the feeling of it ozzing out of me. I better get some sleep, Abe will be here around 6:30 on his way to work and I always have hot coffee and hot pussy for him when he stops here on the way to the plant.