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February 24, 2015
Posted at 6:44 pm

It's about two and a half years ago since I wrote my last blog on this site where I invited anyone who was interested that they should follow the link to

However, I'm not sure that many readers in Stories On Line are especially interested in the kind of more wide-ranging blog I write at WordPress and I have the view that maybe what they really want is the kind of inward-looking self-promotion that dominates the blogs at Stories On Line. You know the sort of thing. Blogs that go on about some weird misapprehension of what the real world is like. Blogs that remind us that after God Knows how many years of silence the author still exists. Blogs that rant about scores when they're really only interested about their own. Basically: self-indulgent, boring and rather uninteresting blogs that serve the people who write them no favours at all.

But of course I also miss this world of bickering bloggers especially since my own SOL blog has fallen off the cliff and nothing much is left of it anymore as a result of not having contributed anything for whatever period it is when your blogs are deemed to have expired.

So, what should I write about?

Well, probably not what anyone's ever written to me in a private e-mail that was never intended for greater circulation. Possibly some sarcastic, satirical and insightful comments about practices in this self-referential world. Not likely to be anything of more general interest (i.e. not necessarily to do with SOL and sex fiction) as I've come to realise that this isn't the best forum for that. Navel-gazers resent having their eyes directed elsewhere.

So, what should I write about?

Should I rant about ratings, scores and feedback? Should I publicise fiction I've posted, thought about posting or decided not to post? Should I digress and confess stuff to generally apathetic readers about things I wouldn't dream of telling my parents?

What do you think?