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Hmmm I can't help but Wonder...

February 23, 2015
Posted at 12:11 pm

I was sitting here (leaking) getting ready to write some more of my "Dirty Doctors" and I just had a thought. I wonder how I am faring in writing my nasty story? I wonder what is turning people on, I mean where in my story, I also was wondering if there are any turn offs? I did make it very clear that this story has male on male sex in it. My problem is I don't know if what I am writing about is true or not.
I read in a story a while back that a man can climax being fucked in his asshole and with nothing touching his cock, (Hand, mouth or anything.)
I mean is that really true? I know that I have wonderful climax's when I am screwed in my butt hole. But I am a woman and I wonder if a man can climax like that as well?
I think I am correct in writing that there are men who can get off sucking a man's cock as much as I do, but am I correct? Do men deep throat a cock like I can? Is it really a turn on for a man to be fucking a man (or woman) while he himself is being fucked in his asshole? Do men enjoy using dildo's in their assholes when they masturbate? That brings up another question, can a man using just a dildo fuck himself and climax with out touching his cock? I sure as hell can, (but then I am not a man.)
I am planning on asking those who write me from now on, what parts of my story turned them on the most so once I can get a good feel of men's turn-on's. Then I can write my stories with those thoughts in mind. I am not worried about turning women on, the normal woman do not get that turned on with visuals, (reading, pictures, dirty movies.). But there are a few of us "not Normal women out here.)
You see I wonder if I am being too descriptive Or maybe not enough in describing the situation.
This is going to be interesting to see what kind of responses I will be getting. Linda