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New chapter of My Curious Sister

February 22, 2015
Posted at 4:14 pm

Dear Readers:
I just sent up a third chapter of this one. It's a short one, but has some interesting development in it, and I hope you find it amusing. There's not a lot of sex in it, but there are some development which, with encouragement, I'll weave into future chapters. I'm kinda making this one up as I go along, it doesn't have near the preliminary work I did for other stuff of mine, so I'm a bit more flexible, and also more open to your suggestions. Bobby and Patty will, however, continue to be WILLING participants in this saga, and I can assure you that Patty will not do anything she doesn't want to.. But I have a feeling she's gonna want to try a LOT of stuff! Let me know your thoughts.