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Misogynist Emperor

February 22, 2015
Posted at 2:00 pm
Updated: February 22, 2015 - 3:04 pm

... is back, after a long hiatus. Late in 2014 I could see I had no chance of achieving my original aim of writing the story of a year in real time, so I lost momentum. I pick up where it left off: August 2014.
The latest chapter 'About a Boy' has been afflicted with line-break difficulties on the upload I see. I'm rectifying these as I speak, so bear with me if you see them in strange places for the moment. It's vital to get this right for the sense of scene [edit - excellent, all in order now!]
Rest assured, I fully intend to finish this series up to the end of year 1 at least. It's an important theme to me. Then it may be mothballed or go off in a different direction.
Even if you don't follow the series, you might like to browse my 'Hall of Fame' (Chapter 30) for a bit of curiosity and talking point: my sexiest 100 female celebrities!