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Thanks for all the useful information

February 22, 2015
Posted at 2:54 am

Thanks to everyone for all the useful info. I was able to save Chapter 30 and I backed up all the files in my Code Monkey Book 001 folder on 2-6-15. I am hoping From the Basement can send me back the final copy of chapter 29 I sent him as I don't have a working copy of that right now. I can reconstruct it if I must. However, I am sending off my HP 2000 to have a new cooling fan put into it Monday. The HP wasn't the laptop that was hacked, my Acer Aspire that runs XP and Word 2003, that I love was and is my writing laptop. My local computer geek was able to kill the virus using a combination of Bullware and a few other antivirus packages. I haven't tried to retrieve the encrypted files yet, but I've done some writing and opened all the other software packages and haven't gotten any pop-up hold-up screens. I'll give that a few days before I feel safe again.

As soon as I get chapter 29 back or rebuild it from an earlier, backed-up version, and I get my HP 2000 back, as it is my web-portal laptop with all the fancy antivirus stuff on it, I'll post the next chapter.

I will never go on the internet with my Acer again. The Acer can be toggled to turn off the wireless network card. That is off now and will stay off. The only reason I went online with the Acer was because I didn't want to overheat the motherboard in my HP.

Thank you to everyone who sent good vibes and good sites, I hope I can unlock my encrypted Code Monkey folder with some of those utilities.

As far as the medical situation, I will find out if I am a candidate for the robotic-out patient procedure for the prostatectomy in ten days. My primary doctor thinks I should qualify, and all my other pre-surgery tests--cardiac, colonoscopy, blood work, CT and such are finally done and came back OK or showed what was going on. Thanks again for all your well wishes and prayers.

I'll blog again when I get my HP back. The extended warrantee was the best $28 I ever spent.

Good reads to all and to all a good night.