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Scores again!

February 20, 2015
Posted at 7:03 pm

My wife has been after me to shut off voting. I just cannot stop agonizing over them, according to her. I have cut them on and off kind of as the mood struck me in the past, but she says that she worries about me the way I am acting.

I had turned voting back on the last time because so many readers had asked me to. However, the actions of trolls and the way Lazeez scales votes continues to upset me.

Therefore, I am going to turn voting off when the current story is finished if I don't do it before then. Yeah, I know my reaction to the scores is totally beyond what a sane author should do, but it does affect me that way.

Right now, I feel that I either have to shut off voting pretty soon or just stop writing, and I don't want to stop writing.