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Big Problems

February 18, 2015
Posted at 11:40 am

I've got big problems. I'm having problems with my HP2000 which is my internet portal. I've got an extended warantee, so it will get fixed once I can devote time to that. I just got a bunch of pop-up windows one my Acer laptop that I use to write on telling me that HELP.ENCRIPT has encrypted my files and what website I need to go to in EU to get (pay for) my password. I backed up my files about a week before this happened, but i have a feeling all of the work i've managed to get done between then and now is lost. I don't know if my latest saved version of chapters 30 and what I'd done in 31 are going to be any good or if they will have a hack/bug that would transfer to any computer I put them on. I did send the last version of chapter 29 to a reader. I need to contact him to see if he could read the file, so the next chapter might be intact.

Code Monkey will be on hold until I can get this straightened out. With my medical situation tossed into the mix, that might be some time.

I am very sorry. Has anybody ever run into this before?