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A.I. - Chapter 25

February 18, 2015
Posted at 12:23 am

A new section starts today. The title may give you an idea that there's a change of direction ahead.
One reader wrote to ask me why Spook hadn't found a new identity for Lisa as well. I actually explained that a few chapters back. The problem was that it would have entailed some law-breaking on her part, whereas now Jack's the only one who's actually broken any laws (and that's of course kind of beside the point of why he's been pursued). But Lisa is squeaky clean, and that's going to be even more important with what's to come.
Thanks again to all those who continue reading. I'm still running around 10,000 downloads per chapter, which pleases me tremendously. We writers write to be read, as I've said before, and I love it that so many are reading my effort.