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New (Old) Story: Homecoming

February 13, 2015
Posted at 6:03 pm

I actually wrote this story in mid-2013, a few months after I lost my own eyesight. I was puttering around, washing dishes or something in the kitchen, and I thought, "What would happen to a kinky person who lost his or her eyesight?" which led to some thought about how kinky play could be adapted for a blind submissive.

Then another thought struck me: "What if the partner who lost his or her eyesight was the dominant member of the couple? How would that play out? Suddenly, the first few lines of the story sprang to mind, and I was off and running.

Perhaps I should add, as an aside, that the story is not autobiographical, though Anne's blindness is informed by my own experience. To the best of my ability, the things she does or is able to do are things I did or was able to do around three months after I came home from the hospital, blind and a little dazed by my experience and the medications I was then taking. All the other stuff is fiction--her story, not mine.

The story's been floating around in my documents folder for a while now, as I tried to figure out what to do with it, and finally I decided to post it here as a Valentine's Day present to my SOL friends. I do hope you'll give it a try, and I hope you'll like it.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

Did you like it? Do the characters ring true to you? Most important, would you like to read more of Anne and Elliot's story, as she heals and adapts to her blindness and they work the (ahem) kinks out of their changed relationship?