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A.I. - Chapters 17-18

February 9, 2015
Posted at 12:31 am

Two more chapters to keep the continuity as we start a new section.
A little more about geography. In most of my novels, I've left the locations fairly indeterminate (in one, you're not even sure what part of the U.S. you're in), but with A.I. I needed to start it off in Washington, D.C., for story reasons, and so went on to continue with specifics. If you know Charleston you should have no trouble identifying Battery Park, at the confluence of the Ashley and Cooper rivers. The pavilion where Jack and Lisa were married actually exists there and is an especially lovely setting now that reconstruction/maintenance work is finished, although I'm told it's usually booked for months ahead, so it really is fiction that they were able arrange a fall wedding there on a couple of weeks' notice.
Since they live close by, it's clear that their rental apartment is in the posh South of Broad (Broad Street, Charleston's social dividing line-think "right side" and "wrong side" of the tracks) neighborhood. That's realistic. too; although the homes there are mostly multi-million-dollar estates, most dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, some owners rent out spacious walk-in basements (converted from what were originally ground-level carriage accommodations-garages, as it were, from the horse-and-buggy era) for surprisingly affordable prices, and occasional houses have been subdivided into condominiums, a few of which are also rentals.
The score you've given the novel continues to rise with each submission, for which I thank you. I also thank you for the many purchases of the complete book on Amazon, and of my other novels.