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February 7, 2015
Posted at 12:40 pm

I am 17.5 chapters into a book. I'd like to say I'm 18 chapters in, but after writing chapter 18 I had an epiphany and had to re-write most of it. As of this exact moment, I have 290 pages (in Microsoft Word 2013) and 260,146 words. The outline indicates there are 6 chapters remaining - and they are FIRM and documented. MOST of the chapters come in at about 20 or so pages (again in Microsoft Word 2013); mostly more than that, all single spaced (double between paragraphs) in a reasonable font. Unless something dastardly occurs, I'm hoping to have those 6 chapters COMPLETE within 6 to 8 weeks. 12 weeks on the outside.

When the book is complete AND NOT BEFORE I'm going to be looking for two editors, one to do continuity work (the story is fairly complex - I've got upwards of 60 pages of notes on it) and one to be a grammar nazi who is willing to argue with me. Actually, I'm hoping that both of the editors will argue with me; while I admit to taking some creative license to make a point, I am horrible with homonyms (both homophones and homographs), occasionally mis-spell a word - and not on purpose, and can be a little lax on punctuation.

So, if you don't mind...look to your calendars and see if you'll be free in 2 or 3 months. Don't send me an e-mail now, please, because I don't want to even try to make a commitment before this book is absolutely complete. Be warned, however, that there is at least 3 more books after this one before the story is finished. I won't expect the same editors to work on the remaining books (mostly because I don't know how long it will take me to write them but also because I don't know if there will be any interest in the story) but it is something to think about.