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A.I. - Chapters 12-13

February 4, 2015
Posted at 12:31 am

Two chapters again today. Once more, they sort of go together.
I'm interested in how seriously people are taking the details of Jack's flight from Federal pursuit in A.I. I've had several readers trying to punch holes in the story. One was bothered by the fact that Jack might not have a Texas accent to back up his new identity. In today's cosmopolitan world, of course, that wouldn't be all that critical, especially given that the Texas address was mainly intended to give his new identity a paper history. Another wanted him to flee the country, and said that with Spook's help it would be easy for him to get a passport. Yeah, but how about Lisa? I actually deal with this in an upcoming chapter.
What really pleases me is that so far nobody's poked a really significant hole in what I wrote. I was concerned about that, given that my knowledge of this kind of thing is fairly spotty. I had to cross the same bridge in a different way in another novel-The Caveman, not yet posted on SOL-and had the same concerns. But I put a lot of thought and research into the methods used in both stories, and so far at least this one seems to be standing up.
Now it's time for Jack to be re-united with Lisa-but without, in the process, involving her in the pursuit as a subject. This isn't Bonnie and Clyde, she can't become a fugitive herself. Be intriguing to find out what readers think of how I handle it.