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A.I. - Chapters 10-11

February 2, 2015
Posted at 2:29 pm

Once again, two chapters in a day. The first one isn't that short, though the second is. But again, they roughly go together, and with the comments I've been receiving I thought it was time for Jack to complete his own escape and get out of the Washington, D.C. area. I actually used to live there, and now live just outside Charleston, so the geography will continue to be accurate. Writing teachers tell you to write about what you know, so I'm following that advice to this extent.
Yes, I know most cell phones are no longer hinged, but the cheaper ones still are. Since I'm really not a huge fan of the technology-I detest the idea of being available to any idiot with a phone of his or her own, which is just about everybody, wherever I am-I go with the lower end, and so does Jack. Live with it.
By the way, the "town in Texas" that I had in mind was Galveston. Some of its suburbs were indeed pretty well wiped out by a hurricane two or three years back. The records, of course, are still intact, but Spook should have no trouble manipulating them. The point was to make it difficult to check his new back-story.
Spook is coming to life by now as Jack's friend. That will continue. Lots more to come.