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A.I. - Chapters 8 and 9

January 30, 2015
Posted at 12:32 am

Two chapters today, not so much because they're short-they aren't, really-but because they're individually less eventful and they roughly go together in developing the story. I don't want readers to lose interest because this moves too slowly.
Thanks once again for all the favorable comments. Several readers have offered ideas about where the story might go, many very interesting. It's already written, though; I'll never post or let anyone even glance at early drafts before I've got thing in finished form. As I've noted before, the complete novel is published in electronic form on Amazon, and that's what I'm posting here. The effort, of course, is to gain as broad a readership as I can. We writers write for the sake of being read by others, and the more the merrier.
By the way, the Washington, D.C. area geography is as accurate as I can make it. If you live there or have visited, you ought to recognize some of the places.
One brief note: The manuscript on my system is in Microsoft Word, which these days I use for all my writing. (I actually still prefer the old DOS WordStar, which was my first word processor; but while I can still access it under my current Windows OS, I can't persuade it to export to a printer and the WordStar files are unreadable by any other software, so I've at last given up and switched to Word.) To post on SOL, though, I have to submit the files as HTML. The conversion is simple; Word allows me to save as a "Web page," which is HTML. But occasionally something gets lost in the translation, or screwed up-either when I create the HTML or when Lazeez turns it into a screen file. I check every posting, so if there's an error (that's already happened once with A.I.) I'll repost to fix it, but it takes time. Please be patient. Thanks.