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Very keyed up at the moment!

January 29, 2015
Posted at 1:49 am

My last 'friend" left a few minutes ago, I am so keyed up right now. If you have not noticed, women after sex are full of energy, unlike men who can climax and fall right to sleep.
I am not going to be so bold to say that all men and women are this way, but all the women I know and the men I know are.
Sex to me is like getting a high dose of caffeine. I am awake, and my mind will not shut off. This is the time I do my best writing. I just counted my stories ready for editing and my stories that I am in the process of completing.
The only story I just feel I can not finish is my story "Lay-offs' Oh I would like to finish it, but just how to I have no idea. When I began writing it I thought I had an ending in mind, but as I drew it on and on, what ever I was thinking left me and for the life of me I just do not see any ending for it.
I am seeing that beginning now with my new story "Dirty Doctors" I am at 19 chapters, yep, Nine-teen! I had to correct Chapter 8 because I left out an important little item, and now Chapter 12 is with my editor, we are trying to make sure the story (while way out there) make some sort of sense. Because of my problem with "Lay-offs" I decided to never post a story that I had not finished any more. I screwed up with the Dirty Doctors because I hit a block with the Man on Man sex. My only experience with man on man sex is coming from the two porno tapes I saw years and years ago. As a girl I wondered how two men do it. I think like you guys enjoy watching two women. To be honest I would rather watch two women over two men. From what I have seen in life you men go at sex as Wham-Bam-thank you Mama" With us women it is tender and slow, working to bring examine pleasure in a long drawn out process. But you guys or I should say from what I remember seeing, two gay men are not into that kind of sex. They are hard and into it.
Now trying to somehow write about things that I don't know about, has just blocked me. My story line was going great, I started Chapter 18 (the man on man sex Chapter devoted to just that stuff. ) I got stuck, so I set it aside and went on to write chapter 19 (when Linda and her husband go into an Adult video Arcade.) I knocked that chapter out in about an hour (After much sex earlier of course)
But I don't care how excited and keyed up I can get, finishing Chapter 18 is just killing me. My Editor can't help me because, well just because. I wish I knew some gay men to ask my questions about man on man sex. Oh well, My Chapter 18 may be only six or seven pages long. I always shoot for a minimum of ten pages per Chapter, once in a while I go over, but very few times less than ten pages.
Well maybe a nice warm bath will relax me. Good night my sex fiend friends!