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A.I. - posting schedule

January 18, 2015
Posted at 1:21 pm

Previously I've maintained a daily schedule when posting my novels here, but I think that's been a little too fast.
This time out I'm going to follow the lead of a lot of other authors. From here on out new chapters will be posted on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. That should be frequently enough to keep reader interest up and will give me a little more time to sit back and work on my new one, which I've just started.
For those who are too impatient, once again you can get the whole thing immediately from Amazon for three bucks. My other fiction, some of which has already been posted on SOL, is also available at the same price.
Thanks very much to all those who've already provided me with feedback. Where possible (a couple of e-mailers didn't give me valid addresses), I've tried to respond to everyone who wrote. Whether you have priase or criticism, I welcome your comments, and will always try to respond. The one thing is, if you want to be critical, please try to make it constructive; don't just dump on me, which wastes your time and mine.
And whether you like A.I. or not, I welcome reviews-both here and on Amazon. Let the world know what you think of my writing. I do this mostly for fun, after years of writing non-fiction for a living in my field (freight transportation law and management) I've found that I enjoy creating my own little fictional worlds for my characters to inhabit. They (the characters) play out their hypothetical lives pretty much on their own with only guidance (at most) from me, and I often don't quite know where they're going from one day of writing to the next; I never work from an outline save for a few ideas in my head that are incompletely conceived until I put the words on paper (well, actually, on my monitor, but the same thing except that it's easier to make corrections and tweaks). Even so, as with any writer, I do it for the purpose of being read by others, which is why I post here.
See you tomorrow with chapter 2.