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Helping Hand

January 10, 2015
Posted at 3:59 pm

-" Computer?"
-" Yes TimeTech2 Butonia. What can I do for you?"
-" Demolecularize the body on the floor please"
-" That procedure is not allowed on Brissians. I can remove it to Cryo-chamber until the Mortuary Department takes the body off the ship. Would that be satisfactory for you TimeTech2 Butonia?"
-" You do understand what I'm undertaking here don't you?"
-" Yes I do TimeTech2 Butonia."
-" I will not surrender until I see this to the end, wich means that I'm ready to die before I give myself up. Extrapolate from there. If I don't surrender, what will the HC do when they find us?"
-" They will kill you and destroy the ship and go back to Brissa."
-" Now you see what I mean. Demolecularize Ditilan while I see what I can do to help out my Human down there."