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Bikes and breaks

January 8, 2015
Posted at 12:56 pm

Adam's bike accident is based loosely on two true stories from my own life:

My bike accident was in seventh grade, the bike was a second-hand Huffy Bandit, and the broken bone was the radius in my left forearm near my elbow. It was about three weeks before the end of the school year, so I spent the majority of the summer in casts from my fingers to above my elbow. Ironically enough, I had recently read a book called "There are Two Kinds of Terrible," in which the protagonist broke his leg at the end of the school year.

The leg injury and subsequent treatment was from a car accident in college. No thanks to my douchebasket orthopedist, who refused to even attempt to contact the insurance company about the surgery, the broken leg took longer to heal than my broken-in-SIX-places jaw and fractured skull. I was in a cast for nearly six months! It was well over a year before I could run properly again; I had to drop out of ROTC and it nearly derailed my military career completely. Dr. Douchebasket's reasoning for refusing to do the surgery was that my military career was over anyway… but I eventually managed to go back , complete Officer Candidate School and serve for a total of 24 years-- WITHOUT a medical profile-- before retiring in 2011.

Yes… in hindsight, I may be just a tad bit still not over that yet.

I almost goofed big time this week-- I actually put chapter 5 in the queue yesterday afternoon before heading out to work. D'oh!!

I've brought in a couple of advance readers (who aren't married to me, and therefore might be more likely to tell me what I NEED to hear rather than what I WANT to hear).

I'm interested in seeing how that works out for me ;-)