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Cream Pie or Creamsicle or maybe Cream Stick?

January 8, 2015
Posted at 11:20 am

I have to vent over the term "Cream Pie" From reading other people stories that check off box's of what is in their story, It would appear that my definition and their definition of a "Cream Pie" are totally different. To me a "Cream Pie" is when a woman like myself fucks someone (or in my case lots of someone's) and they tighten their Kegel's holding the majority of the sperm inside then to have someone (male or female) eat her pussy while she relaxes her kegel's and allows the "Cream" to flow out as they person eating the pussy licks it all up and sucks her hole wanting more "Cream"
Now that is my definition, It appears to other writers they consider a man climaxing shooting out his sperm is considered a "Cream Pie" I agree the sperm is cream, but sucking a cock is sucking a cock, all my life eating pussy was also called eating "Pie" When I was a teenager I knew their were two kinds of "Pie" eating, at the table Pie was desert and the last thing to eat. In the bedroom, eating "The Pie" was the first thing to eat before sex, and the kinky people (like myself) the last thing to eat after sex when it is all "Creamy"
I think the other writers should come up with another term for a man being sucked off giving another his "Cream" maybe "Cream Stick"? "Creamsicle"?
Well I finely vented on that subject. Ok now you are welcome to email me and tell me where I am all wrong. Oh you can tell me however by definition, a "Cream Pie" is a PUSSY FULL OF SPERM THAT HAS BEEN DEPOSITED IN HER BY A MALE OR MALES. So for you who think other wise fire away.