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about my new story

January 8, 2015
Posted at 11:02 am

I am having some fun with my new story, I just finished writing chapter fifteen, that chapter is all about Peter and his experimenting with oral and anal sex with men. I worry that I get things wrong when it comes to man on man sex. I have really no idea what or how they feel when it comes to that. I have to admit as a woman I do enjoy watching two men enjoy each other, I guess that is the same way you boys feel about watching two women. I am pretty sure I would rather have a bi-male as a friend rather than a gay-male as one. My Editor told me that he is not into man on man stuff so while he can address my writing and correct it where I get it wrong or I leave something out because I am typing too fast. He told me he couldn't help me with the male on male stuff. So I am sure that I will get feedback from those of you who are bi-sexual (I really doubt that any gay male would read my writings.) I had thought about bringing in a dog into the story and have him do both Linda and Peter. I just do not think a dog would do a human male. I would think he would have to be a small man (in stature) slim hips and such. I have met some women that are just too big for a dog to get on their backs. And with a man I really think it would be harder to train a dog for a man. I am kicking it around a bit while I have not addressed Peter's stature I have hinted that he is well hung but while hung, in his and his wife's mind he does not measure up to standards of a "Man" real men have cock's and dick's, he only has a penis, and that in part is why Linda is always out after men other men in fact all men have a cock, and she loves cock, she is addicted to cock, she well never get enough cock, where as her hubby whom she loves only has a penis so because she loves him so much, she will accept him making love with her, but her attraction to him is now his mouth and how he loves eating her overly fucked cunt. Eating his wife and cleaning her "Cream Pie"