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To Edit or Not to Edit, that is the question!

January 5, 2015
Posted at 9:07 am

First off let me take the blame for any typo or misuse of a word in my story. While I am using Word spell and grammar checker and I am getting help from a volunteer editor, the story is mine and if people are finding errors they're mine to own up to.

That said, I'm beginning to understand the responses from other authors that I've commented to when I've spot something wrong with their story. Their response has been 'thank you for pointing that out but I'm not changing it'. Lately I've been spending more time responding to e-mails and correcting older chapters than I have been writing new stuff.

I appreciate all the feedback. Most has been positive and some helpful. Some has not. So for now I'm going to focus on writing and less on editing. I still want your feedback and I appreciate it. I'll be creating an e-mail folder and dropping you comments in it and when I get done with the story I'll go back and fix what I can.

Major edits won't be happening. I've had requests to go back and up the amount of sex in the earlier chapters and to make it 'steamier'. I've also had people pushing for Adam to become more assertive and domineering with the women. It's not happening. One because it wasn't how I visualized Adam's personality and two because I've also had comments suggesting that I tone down the sex and focus more on building the settlement. In fact, when I wrote Chapter 25 in response to demands for more sex, I got bombed by the SOL Trolls.

So to put this to rest, I appreciate feedback, good and bad, as it shows me that people are reading the story and they want to help out. For now I'm going back to writing. I hope it doesn't offend anyone but if I don't I might as well just pull the whole story and stop writing. It's gotten that bad.

Oh, and for clarity sake, I write in Canadian English. My apologies to anyone out there who thinks 'colour' should be 'color'.

Enough said, thanks again and have a good day.