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I just realized I'm a troll (sometimes)

January 2, 2015
Posted at 3:32 pm
Updated: January 2, 2015 - 3:35 pm

Okay, I don't know if anyone reads these things but here goes. I'm a troll, there I said it. I try not to be but sometimes it comes out. There are certain subjects that are hot buttons. So even if your story is the best written thing on SOL, you still are going to get a ONE (usually a two). WHAT can you do about it? Not a damn thing. Well, I guess you can turn scoring off and some do.

Look, I accept that I am going to get low scores sometimes because of the way I write. My sentences are too long and my paragraphs are too short. I know that I am not as good a writer or story teller as DualWriter, JRyter or a number of others. I have even on the advice of others left out characters or plot devices that I thought were pretty good. But they were controversial and I accepted that it would result in terrible scores.

So where does that leave you? Well, if you're an author and you have to tell a story that you know is controversial, kill the scoring or just accept it. For the readers, give the story a chance. If the first few chapters are rough, give the person a chance. Maybe it will get better. Avoid topics that you know will upset you. Do like I do and just don't score stories unless you feel they are really good. Skip parts that you don't like. Just for the record, I never have read the first ten chapters or so of "Arlene and Jeff". I think that is one of the best LONG serials on SOL. But I HATE the first part.

On the other hand, some stories just MASH my hot buttons. So I fight back the only way I can with one's and two's. But hey, I'm a troll and I can live with that.