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Jack's (Adam's) Resistance

January 2, 2015
Posted at 9:15 am

A new reader to 'New Beginnings - Adam's Story' found that Jack's reaction to the thought of having to have sex didn't ring true so I wanted to discuss it here.

The first thing I want to say is that Jack isn't you and her isn't me. While many of use believe that given the same conditions and opportunities that we'd jump for it, I decided that Jack wouldn't. He'd been married to his High School sweetheart for twenty-plus years and hadn't strayed once. While he enjoyed ogling his young teenage nieces and his daughters, he'd never thought about anything other than looking.

The second thing is that when his mother and sisters make their advances at him, a period of maybe eight to ten hours had past since they'd been dropped onto the planet. It was too sudden for him and it overwhelmed him. I'm certain people have had that experience before, though probably in much didfferent circumstances. Whether at work when the boss hands you a dozen things that need to be completed by lunch or an all you can eat buffet filled with every kind of food you like, the sudden realization that it has to be done or you are free to do it if you want can be overwhelming.

Finally, Jack is a down to earth type of guy who has lived a simple life. When he planted a crop or sold off some stock he did things the way he'd been doing it for decades. The new life on the new planet overwhelmed him again. It was sudden and it was life changing and it certainly wasn't simple.

That's how I had pictured things for Jack. In time (a very short time) he was made to see and accept the reality of the situation. Still I felt that Jack's reaction was appropriate to the situation based on what I imagined his character to be. You, the readers, might feel different, but that's the way I wrote it.

Again, than's you for the feedback. It helps a lot to know what a reader thinks of what a writer has written whether it is positive, negative or just a smiley face.

Have a good New Year.