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Three Chapter postings

January 2, 2015
Posted at 8:43 am

I got three chapters posted. I hope you like them. I've pretty much stopped preaching, since that was only a small part of the whole story, but that small part really got people fired up and angry at me. Who knew that would get people fired up?

Anyway, I had an e-mail conversation with one of my readers a few weeks ago and told them there was one final person who was affected by the crash that killed Paul's family. Well, that one last person is about to be introduced and the incident between them is going to be introduced. Can you figure out who it is? I don't think you can.

Once this story is done, I'm going to return to writing. I have been asked to continue with the Paul Ashlee story so I'll try that. I'll try to create a new character who also lost family, but from a female perspective. Lastly, I thought about the two worlds thing again. I even found the author who wrote about it as well and was published. My local library is currently trying to get a copy of one of his books brought in for me to read. I'll let you know when it arrives.

For the grammar police who have written me. Other than trying to write a new story, I also plan on going back to my "Lose One..." story and correct all of the mistakes that you have been so gracious to point out. I have kept all of the e-mail messages I have received and will use them as the basis for my corrections. Be Nice! Yes, my grammar sucks. Yes, Word and Google have failed me. But with your help we can fix it and make it better. We will make it stronger, easier to read and able to jump social boundaries in a single bound. It will become "THE SIX MILLION WORD STORY!"

Take care and have a wonderful 2015.