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New Year's Day Gift

January 1, 2015
Posted at 4:04 pm

Happy New Year everyone! I decided to start the new year off with a new posting. For a while now I have been talking about the sequel to Enter the Darkness. Well, I have decided to start posting what I have on that story. I will submit the Prologue to In the Darkness Falling today and probably a new chapter every few weeks to a month. The novel is not finished but I am about a fifth of the way into the book and I will probably try to focus on that and volume four of Chronicles of The Samuelson, my quartet that I have been publishing through Kindle and trade paperback, this year. Given how my brain works, I will probably work on other things throughout that time but it will be those two books that I am going to try to finish by this time next year.

A caveat to that is that I have been trying to finish Rage IV in the past week or so and I will probably have that finished soon. For those reading this on SOL, you will get the full, uncensored version. For those of you on Finestories, I will be heavily editing the first part of the story because it is a rather explicit sequence that won't pass the Webmaster's rules for Finestories.com. I don't usually write things like that (small parts of Future Distorted notwithstanding) generally because it usually doesn't advance the story overmuch but the beginning of Rage IV came to me out of nowhere and I went with it. It sort of encapsulates Candy's little obsession with Mike and leads to other things in the series' storyline.

So that is what I am hoping to accomplish with this new year. Try not to get too depressed about having to wait for new Anomaly of the Fates or Future Distorted because I know my brain will not stop thinking about them simply because I wish to focus on something else. And new stuff will inevitably occur to me as well. So enjoy the Prologue of In the Darkness Falling (short as it is) and try not to get too impatient for more. I am trying to space out the chapters enough to let me really work on the rest of it in between regular postings so you won't languish while I am trying to figure out where things are going to go.