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December 29, 2014
Posted at 9:23 pm

A word about Vicky. In the story Vicky has been altered just like the rest of the women in Adam's extended family. The alien's did change her; however there's a world of difference between being hetero and bing turned bi, and being a lesbian turned bi. While the other women are open to bisexual encounters in the larger relationship that they have with Adam, Vicky was a hardcore dyke who has just woken up to find out that she has a compulsion to sleep with the other team. It's confusing for her; especially since the alens haven't erased everyone's minds and made them into little sex bimbos who have no issue going down on another woman. I've made it obvious within the narrative that some of the women still have issues about having sex with other women. They'll do it but they still aren't happy about it. Vicky is the same. She'll have sex with Adam if she has to and he insists because the aliens have wired her that way, but given a choice she'll do her best to avoid it.

However, time will tell. Adam has a promise from Vicky that she give in when the work on the construction site is done. Until then, we'll have to watch and see what might happen. Those chapters haven't been written yet.

Till then - thanks for the feedback.