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Final Chapter of "A Bride for Seven Brothers" is completed.

December 26, 2014
Posted at 1:07 pm

Submitted the final chapter of "A Bride for Seven Brothers" today. It was a lot of fun writing this story and I have to admit I even enjoyed editing it and reading over the juicy parts more than once. I made sure I had my "Battery Operated Boyfriend" right by the bed and closed my eyes when necessary pretending I had Angus, or Stewart or Jamie right next to me. They were my favorites of the McGregor brothers. I thought the Army troopers were a little nasty and rough in the way they treated the womenfolk but it was a hard business riding all day chasing the dreaded savages away from decent folk try to earn an honest living. Well mostly decent folk with the exception of some nasty characters here and there. I am excited about the idea of Eve going off on her own with her new friend the Cavalry officer up to the Pacific Northwest where females are scarce as hen's teeth and even a friendly plain one can have her pick of lusty he-men. I hope I can collect my thoughts to find some excitement for her with the lumberjacks and the fishermen in dire need of some female comforting in the quiet nights under a bright and inspiring moon to light their way to paradise.