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Chapter 8 of "A Bride for Seven Brothers"

December 24, 2014
Posted at 8:43 am

I was a bit carried away with the orgy scene in the big house with all nine McGregor women and the seven brothers and almost didn't want it to end. This chapter 8 is sort of a continuation of the orgy which is like a last celebration before settling down to the serious business of tending their husbands physical needs and cutting back on the in-law incest in the McGregor clan. The entire sequence with the Cavalry and the frenzied orgy in the barn and the stables with the troopers was not originally planned but it seemed a good place for it. The rule about not poking the McGregor bride's cunts was only fair under the circumstances and the fact that both Ruth and Eve were not bound by the rule showed their non-bride status in the light of day. The final chapter will set the stage for their eventual acclimation to normal married life with perhaps a touch of "family business" to spice up an otherwise dreary existence on the western frontier for women drained of the flower of youth far quicker than normal.