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Life gets in the way...

December 22, 2014
Posted at 5:16 pm

Shortly after my last post I lost my home and everything I own (clothes, computers, toys, instruments. Everything. ) unexpectedly and trying to get everything settled and replaced while on disability and caring for two kids has been challenging over the last year. I was forced to take the first place I could find for the kids. It wasn't a great area or building but it was a roof. It took a while to gather funds to move. I had appointments to look at new better apartments on Saturday the 27th of September I was to sign a lease on one of two apartments.

As I tried to find better, new digs CPS (Ohio calls themselves Job and Family Services but it's the same thing) decided that the house I was living in was not suitable for the children (the real reason was that my case worker said that I shouldn't have kids as I am disabled and single)She came for her one and only home visit on Sept 26, a Friday, and told me this. I responded that the courts did not agree and I was getting a new apartment the next day so where I lived wouldn't matter. I didn't think there was anything to worry about. Silly me!

On Saturday the 27 a CPS worker (we later learned he was an intern!) came at 10 in the morning to take the kids who were visiting their cusins and gave me only five days, until the next Friday, to find a new apartment or the kids (7 year old boy and 6 year old girl, both special needs) would go into foster care and be separated as Franklin county policy is to separate the boys and girls. They would not let me go to keep my noon lease appointments and cost me both of the new places. They left after six P.M. to ensure I couldn't look that day.

In a panic I scrambled around and managed to find a new place on the last day before they were to take the kids, but CPS said they had to sign off on the apartment. My new place is in Licking County. I contacted Licking County CPS and told them what had happened and they made sure to come at the same time Franklin did. Licking signed off on the apartment and made Franklin do the same. The case worker for Licking County has filed a formal complaint with the state for abuse of power against Franklin County and the case worker saying there were no grounds for removal of the children. They violated a custody order by a judge, ordered me to move with no grounds, investigation or notice. Licking county has bent over backwards to help and I am grateful.

So we had to start yet again from scratch for the second time this year I do apologize for the long wait. I now have a computer to work on.(I've been using my kindle for internet and email till now) Future stories won't be posted until complete. They will still come in chapters but I won't release them till they are finished.