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Some thoughts

December 20, 2014
Posted at 7:03 pm

Some thoughts:

First, let me thank everyone who has written to me with both positive notes as well as negative notes. I have read them all and always will, otherwise how will I improve my writing. That being said let me add that when I write I am simply putting on paper (screen) what I see in my head and the story goes in that direction. Those visions even change the path I intended to take.

For those who have stated I have lost them due to the situation of Brian's gambling winnings let me state that I did talk to certain individuals I know bouncing the idea what if someone had a good idea who would win not only the final events but also each event, preliminary and qualifier. In that situation, they stated that the characters winnings could be that great, especially if it was in different locations. I chose those locations as I have read those two cities had a lot of money and not too many laws as well as confiscatory taxes.

To the point, I had Brian and Steve jump from being in High School to hiding out in Korea then onwards to the Olympics missing big blocks of time. I did not see any advantage of having him going day-to-day boosting athletes. I think the story would have come to a screaming halt if not by the readers but me wanting to put a bullet in my head. Since that was not an option, I settled on jumping forward. I am sure there are many things I could have done different or written different but I, like my stories, are still a works in progress.

This next section might contain not so much plot spoilers but at least indications where the story will head next so if you do not want to know and to be kept in the dark I would ask you to stop here and accept my thanks for reading.

Okay if you are still reading here are some thoughts I had on other aspects of the story.

For those who dislike Brian's character I say thank you. He was never intended to be a white hat hero. In fact, all my main characters tend to be black hat heroes,(people thrust into positions of power to which they are not equipped). In my first story Giants, Derek Ward simply wanted to be left alone to sulk and harbor his deep resentment against the country that he felt did him wrong. That of course did not happen as he was forced to deal with his demons as well as people who hated him before now needing help and begging for it.

Brian was different as he was given/received something that no one should have being a kid, he used it for his own benefit to first get laid, then to make money. As for myself, I would have done the same thing, screwing everything in sight and making money. As to his killing people remember back at the beginning he killed a kid and joked about it being like the O.K. Corral, his mind was already slipping and his dark side was coming out.

Brian's involvement with various conflicts have simply followed the money as he was considering going to Russia and make money there only to be stopped by Steve pointing out certain facts to him. Becoming involved with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, once again money was his motivation though he did leave a lot of it on the table when he left and has since then realized he missed even more. He will probably rectify that oversight in a future chapter.

Another issue in the story is Brian's killing of large numbers of people and for the first time he actually felt remorse after the fact and with the introduction of certain characters he may be changing his tune,(maybe).

Finally, I will end by addressing the problem of the monster in the room I created in Brian's abilities. With what I have given Brian, it is hard to find a competent bad guy without blowing up the world (tried that already) due to how connected the world is today. In my opinion, even the US military is limited as they have already made two attempts on him and both ended badly as no one understands what he is or what he can do. The only person that has even a hint as to his power is Dr. Atwater and he is no longer the government man he was at the beginning as he suggested that he simply be left alone and we saw where that went.

Now there is a new government in charge. Where that might lead who knows, but before then, Brian has new toys to play with and he is looking forward to a new life if he is left alone. Who knows what he might do if someone seeks to do damage to him. Just know that I have a head full of ideas for Brian and although I am short of bad guys right now, someone will figure out a way to mess with him, just not today.

Let me say thank you again, to everyone who spent time sending me his or her thoughts both positive and negative about the story. I am sorry if someone is offended by his becoming involved in certain political situations but the story will go where I believe it should go. So far, I have simply been following the money and those who have money to pay him to do what he does. I will continue to do as my mind dictates, sorry. No, I'm not sorry, it's my story and I will write it as I see fit. If you decide along the way, that you don't like it, then you don't have to follow along. I will say thank you for the time and effort you put into following the story while you could. I will continue to look forward to, and welcome all comments and or criticisms.