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Code Monkey to last proofer and Merry Christmas

December 20, 2014
Posted at 2:00 pm

Erik has the latest chapter of Code Monkey and will get it back as soon as he is able. I hope everyone has a safe, refreshing Christmas or any other holiday you observe. I've been having problems with my prostate again. Two years ago I had a resection done, but there was no cancer and last year my tests came back clear. I might have it removed, and just have that over with so I can heal and have mobility for the return of the outdoor festival season in the spring. I can't rent sound systems if I can't set them up or direct a crew to do it. Anyway, I'll keep everyone updated. If the operation is scheduled that means there will be perhaps a month without Code Monkey, or I could cut one of my existing chapters in half. Give me feedback about what you would rather see happen.