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I'm Still Standing

December 20, 2014
Posted at 2:41 am

Happy Holidays 2014

It's been awhile...

The good news, I am still among the living. I am still dealing with my dual diagnosis, that is, Crohns and Inclusion Body Myositis. This are two malfunctions of my bodies immune response. I share this not to elicit sympathy but to explain my long absence from posting my stories.

In fact, my quality of life is much improved since I last posted a blog entry.

The physical and mental toll of illness has played havoc with my creative ability. I have been "blocked" since...well, since my last story addition.

I miss the sheer joy of creating a universe from nothing, filling it with characters of my inventing, and sending them off to tell a story.

Slowly I am working to recapture that magic. I make no promise.

Just understand that your frustration at not seeing a completed narrative is mirrored by mine at not being able to deliver such.

I wish to thank anyone who has read even a word of my stories further my sincere thanx and apology if you sent me a message.

And to all of you as I continue the slow dance that is my life my best wishes for you to have the best possible year and that we all of us find our magic in the new year