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New chapters for "A Bride for Seven Brothers"

December 19, 2014
Posted at 6:12 pm

I have submitted chapters 5 and 6 to the story and will be submitting chapter 7 this weekend. My original plan was to do this story in 9 chapters but I might be able to do it in 8 chapters if I make chapters 7 and 8 a bit longer. I have to edit it to see what works best. I have to warn everyone that chapter 7 will include a confusing and intense orgy of celebration and some violence from outside stimuli. I am being careful to keep Scarlett and Sheila separated in the story because their characters tend to intermingle and that is far too confusing to readers. The character of Eve was unplanned in the original outline but it came quite naturally as an offshoot of the laundry scene with the desperate young women. I was even considering a new story with Eve as the lead character striking out on her own into the wilderness with a young mountain man eager to find the perfect valley filled with game and hides that he could harvest for the annual barter camp. It is different than the gold mining scenario but has more survivalist themes with less ties to civilization. There will be some Indian characters in that story but I am still sorting it out in my head and want to devote full time to this story about the seven brothers as priority one. Scarlett